How To Spring Clean Your Fall Wardrobe

and Do More With Less!


Answers to Five Fabulous Fall Questions:


1. What To Wear:  Cozy Fall Sweaters like this one from Diane von Furstenberg. Start with a well organized wardrobe. Keep everything visible by type and color. Then, coordinating an outfit becomes easy because you can clearly see what you have to choose from.  


2. How To Wear it: Emphasis is on the waist this fall so try a belted cardigan or an open cardigan over a belted outfit. If emphasizing your waist is unflattering for your body type, try a drape neck cardigan (pictured below) or a cowl neck sweater  that opens up the neck and brings the eye up. Play with different necklines and sleeve styles. Think grey, jewel tones, and bright pops of color with neutrals.



3. What to Purge: As the weather gets cooler, start transfering your summer wardrobe (flip flops, sandals, shorts, capris, summery tops, etc) to a spare closet or set of drawers. This will make room in your closet for what is relevant and up to date. Now, for the hard part (at least for some). Make a pile of items you no longer need or look good in. How do you know when it's time to let go? The most effective way to learn about this is to schedule a Closet Sort-through with Mayna from her 'What Not To Wear' package. Rather than going it alone and giving up within 30 minutes, Mayna will gently move you through each outfit in front of a full length mirror and leave you more educated, organized, and styled. 


4. When to Splurge: Bargin shoppers beware. Although I love a good deal, any time I've bought something simply because it was on sale, it usually sat in my closet doomed to be called a wasteful purchase. Now I shop with a plan (aside from the occasional impulse buy) and a budget so that I know what I need and what I can afford. So splurge on things that you'll wear often -- a leather handbag, fabulous fall boots, a wool coat, or basics like a cashmere sweater. These grey boots from Frye have it all...color, style, and comfort.


5. Who to Call When You Get the Urge:  Whenever you're ready update your wardrobe, call Closet Fly to experience the most effecient and least frustrating shopping trip ever. And how exactly do you know if something looks right on your body type? Well, this is something I specialize in teaching my clients. Call or email me to make an appointment, whether it's an initial consultation or a much needed wardrobe maintenance appointment. Many of my clients say that the entire process of doing a wardrobe makeover saved them money and time in the long run because they now do more with less, and don't make the same shopping or wardrobe mistakes. Visit my website to see Before and After photos and testimonials of past clients.

Resources & Events:


New York Fashion Week kicks off today! For Spring 2009 collections of your favorite designers, get your fashion fix with Olympus Fashion Week's hourly schedule with pictures and videos of runway shows. Be sure to catch Project Runway's show next Friday! 







Online shopping can be as frustrating as hitting the pavement, but


Shop It To Me has made life easier for all of us. Just enter your sizes and select your favorite designers and they send you info on sales of clothing and accessories from your favorite brands in your size! Check out Trendsetters  for their favorite fashion sites, including Closet Fly!


Girl Power Hour celebrates their 1 year Anniversary!

Come to their Glitter Party to liste to all-girl DJ's, receive swanky door prizes, and bring your unwanted clothing to their clothing drive benefiting GoodWill. Closet Fly will be there helping you decide what to purge, what to snatch up and how to tell if it flatters your body type.  

H&M is finally here! So get thee to Southcenter for great buys on fashion forward styles. Visit Closet Fly's website for recommendations on H&M trends to complement your Fall wardrobe. And soon you won't have to travel far before H&M opens their Pike St. and UVillage stores this fall! 



Current Events    


-- You may have sent your kids back to school in style, but what about you? Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate what you have in your closet so you can use what you have with a few new pieces for fall.

-- With consumer costs rising, it's important to know how to Do More With Less.  Schedule a Coordination appointment with Closet Fly to maximize what you have and create a plan for what you need.


What message are they sending with their image and style?


Three ladies in politics 


Cindy McCain's Oscar de la Renta mustard dress was a little over the top, but her style is extravagant and she pulls it off. The fit, the color, and the exaggerated lines say she is confident with herself, but her hair could be styled a little softer to make for a more relaxed appearance.

If Michelle Obama's goal was to look more approachable, softer, and confident, then she did just that with this Maria Pinto teal dress. From the podium, you see an open neck line, no shoulder seams which softens her look even more, and a beautiful broach pulling the look together. 
Sarah Palin sends the message that she thinks appearance doesn't matter or that she just hasn't learned how much it matters yet. In choosing neutral colors in boxy shapes, she plays down her shape and femininity. She may be confident, but her image says she hasn't identified her style yet and is underestimating the power of her image.


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