Closet Fly Secrets, Organizing Spectacular and Cocktail Party
Time 6:00 pm
Location Vian Hunter House of Fashion
2814 E Madison Street
Seattle, WA 98112
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Mayna from will share her secrets to a welll kept closet and Elizabeth from will share her tips for a well organized house.
from Mayna:
What To Wear: styles that work for your body type
-Recognizing a good fit
-How to coordinate outfits from what you already have
-How to shop smart and always look put together
from Elizabeth:
Got a messy desk? Cluttered garage? Do you have a basement or storage unit full of stuff that you want to sell? Find yourself jumping around between tasks instead of focusing in on one task and crunching through it? Do you lack a detailed plan for the next week, month, year of your life? Well, according to most of the experts, you need help.
We are the most capable people you’ll ever meet.

Don't miss this event at Vian Hunter House of Fashion!
raffle prizes and free goodie bags! Please bring clothing donations that will be donated to women in need.